For students, teachers, and communities – people must come before personal agendas and politics.
Failure to vote is voting for failure. 
Splitting the vote guarantees failure!
Voting together, we are a winning majority.

Public Education is for ALL of the public!

TXNPAC – Texas Nonpartisan PAC was created by voters on both sides of the middle who have had enough of politics as usual – especially at the local level. Local civic and school board elections are supposed to be nonpartisan in Texas. Instead, they have become the ideological battleground for extremists bent on forcing their brand of political correctness on a typically silent majority in the middle. Silence and disinterest – or avoidance of the toxicity of the past few years – have driven people away from the local election polls.

When TXNPAC was formed in 2021, it was originally called True Texas Values.  Unfortunately, the misassociation with True Texas Project became a possibility and so we changed the name in ealry 2023 to be as descriptive – and separate – as possible.

TXNPAC – Texas Nonpartisan PAC is:

  • Against extremism and exclusion in government
  • Promoting non-partisan civic and school elections
  • Supporting elected officials and candidates who are inclusive of all Texans
We are a Texas nonprofit corporation registered with both the Texas Ethics Commission and the Federal Elections Commission as a General Purpose Hybrid PAC.  At present, we are only involved in local school board elections.


Our board of directors are:

Chris Kinsey
MBA, MS, M.Ed. – Director, President & Treasurer

Republican, MAGA Apologist x2, ISD K-12 Parent & Grandparent, Management Consultant,
TXNPAC Founder

Mindy McClure
JD – Director, Vice President & Secretary

Republican, Former GOP Precinct Chair, Former ISD Trustee (Master Trustee Achievement),
ISD K-12 Parent, Founding Board Member TXNPAC

Zac Bunn
PhD Candidate (ABD), M.Ed. – Director & Vice President

Republican, Current ISD Parent, Education Consultant
Secondary Administrator and Teacher in Title 1 Schools

Amanda Thode
BS – Director & Vice President

Democrat, ISD K-12 Parent, LGBTQ Ally

Anne Lapkin
Biology, Hebrew University – Director & Vice President

Independent, Public Education Advocate, ISD Taxpayer