Take back GCISD May 6!

For our students and teachers, people must come before politics and party.

Early Voting 4/24 to 5/2.  Election May 6.


Recommendation for a more civil and factual election season:

Learn about logical fallacies and then award badges on posts that like making stuff up or drawing fallacious conclusions.  Don’t argue.  Don’t call names.  Just tag the post by copying and pasting one or more of these AS APPROPRIATE.  A word of caution – some sites will ban you for posting memes.  They will call these memes, but if used accurately they are simply factual identification of erroneous thinking. In this case, simply identify the fallacy and its definition in writing. 

One of several things will happen:

  1. The poster might clean up their act and get more factual.

  2. You might get banned from the site – and then pretty soon it is just an echo chamber.

  3. You might get attacked online.  These attacks are always fallacious, so just say nothing and attach the appropriate badge or badges in response to the attack.

    NOTE: In the attack model, the most common Logical Fallacies will be: Strawman, Genetic, No True Scotsman, Appeal to Emotion, Personal Incredulity, and Tu Quoque.

Do visit the sites linked below to familiarize yourself with proper identification of the Logical Fallacies.

There is absolutely no need to call names when simple examination of logic usually speaks for itself.

For more information on Logical Fallacy, visit YourFallacy.is and SchoolofThought.org

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