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Dr. Ryan, Defend Our Teachers

An open letter regarding "the list."

Dr. Ryan,

A few of your teachers, reportedly about 30, are on a list. Trustee Nakamura has publicly acknowledged – and then concealed – that list.  Subsequent information has confirmed the existence of the list.  The list needs to die.  Although only about 30 teachers are on the list, ALL of your teachers are worried about the wanton vigilantism the list represents.  The spouse of one teacher has contacted me asking if I will advise if their loved one is on the list. This is tragic and unacceptable that teachers would be so desperate for reassurance that they would reach out to a stranger. I indicated that I did not expect to see the list – and that nobody outside of district administration should see the list.

A leader protects and defends his resources.  This is a simple matter to resolve.

1) Contact teachers on the list and assure them that only the legal grievance processes defined by the state are relevant. If grievances are already properly filed, so be it.  It would still be a true statement that only the legal grievance process defined by the state – not their presence on a list – is relevant.

2) Acknowledge the existence of the list to the GCISD community at large, and let everyone know what was communicated to those on the list.

Simple.  30 or so phone calls and an email.  Done.  Closed.  Let the community – and the Trustees – know that you are in charge and that you are protecting our most precious resource: teachers.

Allowing this school year to start with the cloud of this list in the air is quite simply unacceptable.  Refusing to address the situation head on, and publicly, serves to promote continued bad behavior by vigilantes in the district.  Action is long overdue and this will not go away until you quash the list.  Stop following the lead of the Trustees and lead the great district you built, please.


True Texas Values PAC
Chris Kinsey, Treasurer

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