Let’s get some actual teachers and current parents with solid academic qualifications and deep GCISD experience on the board!

Here’s who, and here’s why:

Sergio Harris, Dianna Sager, and Kimberly Phoenix are excellent choices.  They are “just the right trustees to right the ship, right now.”

Because of last year’s vote makeup, these three also have the only mathematical chance to win in plurality voting with split seats.  The other side starts with 52%.  Why do you think the board majority put in plurality voting as one of their first acts in the majority?  It’s just math.  Furthermore, we were the ONLY district left in North Texas with majority voting.  When you can follow the majority of districts, and get a mathematical head start as a bonus – why not?  Besides, in runoffs the extremists were losing over 50% of the time.  This was a smart move by the extremists – and totally defensible.

We do NOT split 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.  The actual split is 52% for the PatMob, 17% for Stine/Wollin, 48% for Sager, and 31% for Harris/Phoenix.  The only ticket with a chance of getting out enough votes against the PatMob is Harris / Sager / Phoenix. 

Let’s DO put a parental majority in control in GCISD! But, it is going to take an order of magintude more votes than have ever come out before thanks to split seats.  We are not talking hundreds, we are talking many thousands.

Place 5

Sergio Harris

Current high school teacher

U.S. Army veteran, combat medic

Metroport Teen Court Advisory Board Member

Youth basketball coach

PTA Volunteer

Current GCISD Dad

Running against

A.J. Pontillo

Reportedly a nice guy, but, who?

PatMob candidate

Dave Stine

Nice guy, but not his year mathematically based on the voter composition from 2022 which gives an insurmountable head start to the recommended candidates.

Dave was the preferred candidate of TXNPAC in 2022.  In fact, with in-kind contributions such as texting, TXNPAC was the largest supporter of Dave’s campaign.  Dave was the front-runner  again this year until analysis was performed on last year’s Louie Sulllins votes.  Dave’s votes were a subset of those votes i.e. he did not get all of Louie’s votes.  To save the district, with plurality voting, we must vote the math.

In a split seat situation, with arguably two equally qualified candidates, personal preferences have to give way to the math.  The vote margin was insurmountable.

The fact that the math also supports a candidate who is a current public school teacher, Sergio, was an excellent bonus!

Dave was informed of the math, and repeatedly declined suggestions to move seats, or drop, forcing a split seat vote in a plurality election where the other side starts with 52%.  His primary argument?  “I filed first.”

Place 6

Dianna Sager

Recently Retired High School Coach and Teacher

33 years in education, 20 at GCISD

Currently sub teaching to help with GCISD teacher shortage

Current GCISD Mom

Running against

Richard Newton

Hasn’t had kids in GCISD since before Dianna started teaching here 20 years ago. Graduated high school almost 60 years ago.

Used all but a few hundred thousand of OUR GCISD TIF millions to build towers and other vanity projects in Colleyville.

Meanwhile, Grapevine contributed millions of TIF back to GCISD for the stadium remodel and various infrastructure projects in the district.

No primary/secondary teaching experience – teaching undergrad and graduate students ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO does NOT count!

Has had no use for Grapevine for decades until it came time to pull his heritage out for this election.

On record as a strong charter school advocate – does he know this is a taxpayer FIDUCIARY position?

NOT a GCISD parent for almost a full generation.

Local PatMob commisar

Place 7

Kimberly Phoenix

LEAD 2.0 Committee

Gifted & Talented Advisory Committee

Counseling Advisory Committee

Served on three PTAs

Campus Excellence Committee

Community Champions

GC-SAGE Immediate Past President


Current GCISD Mom

Running against

Mary Humphrey
Former (as in almost 30 years ago former) GCISD teacher and dedicated volunteer.  Graduated from high school about 40 years ago.
Not a current GCISD parent

Mary’s Campaign Treasurer, John Eubanks, did not object to Colleyville TIF allocations on the record when he represented GCISD on the Colleyville TIF board.  (Thanks for Newton’s Towers, John!)

Mary was a significant architect of the disingenuous Kathy Spradley 2022 campaign.  She is following the same formula for herself this year almost to the letter.

 PatMob candidate
Mark Wollin

Nice enough guy, but should have waited a year and had more GCISD experience beyond being a member of one of the first graduating classes of CHHS.  Also not his year mathematically as the analysis shows he will not even get all of Stine’s votes.

Mark had indicated during interviews that he would gladly drop for somebody more qualified, being very aware of the danger of a split seat minority in a plurality election.  Mark was likewise informed of the math that did not favor Dave. As a first year candidate, Dave would deliver most of Mark’s votes just like Dave got all of his votes from Louie last year. 

Mark declined to step aside for Sergio. Mark also declined to step aside for Kimberly Phoenix unless she got Sergio to drop, and Mark declined to step aside so Dave could move to that seat if it meant Sergio was still running.  He did offer to drop if Sergio would drop.

One has to wonder exactly who Mark would consider better qualified to run.  Mark ultimately chose to maintain a split seat. on

The problem with PatMob (Patriot Mobile type) candidates is that they are all about political agenda over people and academics. Want proof? Just look at the PEOPLE in our district and the POLICIES enacted against them during the past year.
  • Look at teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, and administration leaving by the hundreds.
  • Look at our students in larger classes with fewer options.
  • Look at our district with no head librarian and key librarian positions open.
  • And now – look even at our sports programs with no head football coaches at either high school.
All five non-extremist candidates are good. Unfortunately, in a plurality situation where the other side (the PatMob) STARTS with 52%, we have to vote with math, not heart.  TXNPAC did NOT interview any of the PatMob candidates.  History shows that they say one thing to get elected then simply execute the extremist agenda when they get into office.  We only interviewed “ABPM” (Anybody But Patriot Mobile) candidates.
We must win all three seats this year to get our district back.  Go with the math and the best qualifications. Go with two current teachers and a super volunteer advocate. This race is all about the math – not how nice a candidate is, or what party they are.  Kids are neither Republican nor Democrat, conservative nor liberal.  Their school board should likewise not be too much of any one flavor. 
The PatMob counted on split seats – and we gave them a full house. Only three of the five candidates have the opportunity to beat their 52% advantage. This year, the math – academics and critical thinking – must take precedence over party, prior relationships, or “who filed first.”

Vote early April 24 to May 2.  Election day is May 6.  

Vote Harris / Sager / Phoenix!


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