Educators, we let you down.  We didn’t vote.  We thought everything was great (because of you) so we were asleep at the switch.  Please, give us until May to fix this.

The above chart shows the jobs waiting for you within 15 miles of GCISD if we don’t get it right this time.  You will still have time – and there will still be openings – if we screw up again.  You are doing your jobs with excellence.  We failed to do ours as voters.  We didn’t take 30 minutes in the voting booth to honor your thousands of hours of service.  Well, now YOU have the power.  Please hold off exercising that power until May after the election.

We know this is a train wreck.  We know we, the voters (and non-voters) caused this train wreck.  Whatever you do, don’t abandon teaching!  It has been a horrific three years with COVID, politics, and inexperienced people with agendas trying to tell professional educators how to exercise their craft.  If GCISD continues its swirl around the drain, there are districts within a convenient distance that would love to have you and will honor your hard-earned credentials.

We get the irony of animals who were ripping at your throats just a few short months ago now licking your hands and telling you how wonderful you are.  We see through this.  We know their names.  Their true thoughts are on record.  But, based on votes, that is only a few dozen people riling up about 5,000 gullible voters who, quite frankly, will vote the same way no matter what.  There are a like number of us who will vote the other way consistently.  Then, there are roughly 40,000 of us who could not be bothered.  Not even as many people voted in the last three elections as there are students in GCISD.  Bizarrely, this is a testament to the excellent job you have been doing and the district YOU built.

We promise to do everything we can to mobilize the voters to provide clarity for your next move.  Please hang in there with us for the arrival of that clarity in May.  If you don’t like what you see, do what is right for you and your family.  No matter what you decide, please consider sticking with teaching.  Students need you.  Society needs you.  Critical thinking dies without you.  Give us (exactly) 6 months to fix this, please.


Patrons and beneficiaries of GCISD – We need your help NOW!

True Texas Values PAC has budgeted $110,000 to fight the roughly $250,000 that PACs like Patriot Mobile Action, the 1776 Project, GCISD Parents, True Texas Project, the Grapevine and Colleyville Republican Clubs, and Tammy Nakamura’s Colleyville Grapevine Values PAC have already committed to the fight for 2023 board seats.  We are the only PAC fighting for the soul of our district – for the children of “the public” – with a nonpartisan, pro public education agenda and no other agenda.  We are beholden to no party or politician.

This money is for mailers (3), newspaper ads (2), texting and emailing campaigns.  We do not have the money.  We know 6,000 of you will get out and vote every time, reliably and consistently.  Thank you. Would you also consider helping to educate non-voters about the importance of participating in the vote with your contribution?  Election season is upon us.  In six weeks the candidate names will be known, and then the attacks and lies will start.  Will you help us get out the facts?

TTVPAC will be making its endorsements of candidates after the application period closes in February.  All we can say at this point is that nobody who is supported by any of the above organizations is likely to be supported by TTVPAC.  We are of course irrevocably opposed to Board President Casey Ford and the antics of his board majority.

You can give up to $190 between now and March 31 and your donation will not be itemized on our campaign reporting.  If you want to give more, thank you – but we are then required to list your information.  Just click on the donate button at the top or bottom of our Website or go to this link: DONATE TO TTVPAC. 

If you wish to remain unitemized, please keep in mind that all aggregate donations above $190 in the period must be reported.  Another reporting period will begin 30 days before the election, and a final reporting period is 8 days before the election.  You may give $190 in each of these reporting windows and remain unitemized – or give as much as you like if you are not worried about standing up and being counted. 

We have done everything we can to keep names off lists where they can be attacked by the same political animals who have been attacking our educators.  Please “Follow” our Facebook page – followers are NOT listed as they are in groups – and keep educated thoughtout the upcoming election.   

Thank you for being united in protecting GCISD and for your TTVPAC SUPPORT!

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