GCISD Trustee Shannon Braun has gone on TV, in the press, and most recently at the Monday 10/24/2022 board meeting stating that the new policies are “just the law” and that anyone voting against them is “voting against the law.”

Sorry, no Shannon it is not “just the law.”  It is policy which references law.  The base policy was recommended by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) just in time for “flipped” boards to implement prior to the May 2022 elections.  The GCISD board was not yet flipped so Shannon and President Casey Ford could only introduce a policy which was dead on arrival for lack of a majority and expensive legal redrafting.

Roll forward to Summer 2022, the GCISD board is flipped, tens of thousands of dollars are spent on two law firms creating a Frankenstein policy which combines the TEA recommendations with the abortive earlier policy.

Despite numerous requests by the community for the “red line” showing differences between the adopted and recommended policies, the district – through the board attorney Cantey Hanger – has stonewalled.

Here, thanks to technology, is the line-by-line comparison of the two documents.  The original at 7 pages is on the left, and the adopted at 11 pages is on the right.

Below the video comparison on the right is the comparison document resulting from this analysis.  

Just the law?  Far from it.  With over 50% more content, it isn’t even “just the original policy.”

Are Trustee Braun and board President Ford ignorant of what they adopted? Are they lying about what they adopted? Or are they simply adopting what their benefactors have handed them now that our district is being run by outside interests guided by the General Counsel of the Republican Party of Tarrant County – Tim Davis of Cantey Hanger?

Whatever the answer, it’s not “just the law” or even “just the TEA model policy” Shannon and Casey. 

Transparency builds trust – try it some time!

State and county elections set the stage for local elections.  Vote for candidates who support public education.



[Compare Report] GCISD Adopted EFB

Click to read/download comparison analysis of adopted EFB Local policy.

Original, unaltered, text is black and white, replaced/changed text is yellow, inserted text is blue.  Deletions are red.

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