Kids should get their values at home. We get it.

Mistreatment of Others (GCISD Student Handbook, p.9).STUDENTS SHALL NOT: Threaten a district student, employee, or volunteer, including off-school property, if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment. “The teachers on this list are poison and must go.” (Trustee Nakamura, RNC Forum, 6/26/22) Engage in bullying, harassment, or making hit lists. “We have […]

What is the Quid Pro Quo?

Updated May 3, 2022 According to the candidates’ filings, Tammy Nakamura has raised an incredible $31K and spent $11K – leaving $20K which will no doubt be reconciled on the after-election report.  Especially interesting though is that $10,000 of her $11,000 expenses so far has gone to one firm – Edgerton Consulting LLC.  More about […]

The Forum They Were Afraid to Attend

Texas Bipartisan Alliance hosted its first annual Candidate Forum for Trustees of GCISD on Monday, April 18. Unlike other forums hosted by partisan PACs, this forum was moderated by a current and a former Trustee from outside our district.  The questions were NOT provided to the participants in advance.   The audience added questions at the […]

Colleyville City Council – Including Tammy Nakamura – Working Against Colleyville’s #1 Employer – GCISD

Their reckless political stunts will inevitably RAISE TAXES, DAMAGE ACADEMICS, and potentially DAMAGE PROPERTY VALUES Since at least this time last year, the Colleyville City Council, including Bobby Lindamood and Mayor Newton, have been working with financial interests outside of Colleyville to attack our great school district.  The political prize?  A charter school.  Charter schools […]

The Forum – A Circus Farce

GCISD 1. Please introduce yourself and tell us why you are running. 30 secs GCISD 2. Studies show teacher pay has a direct correlation with student academic performance. As GCISD’s teacher pay has become the lowest of any adjacent district, our student academic performance has also declined. On more than one occasion, GCISD trustees voted […]

Spradley: “I am not running as a slate!” REALLY?

The strength of your convictions is one of the most telling qualities in a politician.  The minute you raise your hand for an elected position, you are a politician no matter how much you want to avoid that label.   Kathy Spradley has demonstrated herself to be a novice politician with zero strength of conviction.  She […]

Find the Marxism or Critical Race Theory…We’ll Wait

Extremist politicians want you to believe that the federal government is doling out millions of dollars to indoctrinate kids into Marxism. They want you to believe that Social and Emotional Learning is Critical Race Theory. Federal COVID relief funds are some of the millions supposedly for Marxist indoctrination.  Here is an example of those funds […]

CRT, Socialism & The SEL Big Lie

True Texas Values rejects Critical Race Theory in Primary and Secondary schools. True Texas Values rejects socialism as a political construct in our capitalist society. True Texas Values will investigate any credible fact-based reports of socialism or CRT being taught in our schools and address these deviations from appropriate and legal educational materials.  To date, […]

Election Integrity Starts with Our Candidates

Well, the opening shot in the postcard wars arrived in the mailbox this week.  It sounded pretty good. Stop the illegal invasion and stop giving illegals our money. Eliminate property taxes. Demand election integrity. Tall orders, so further investigation on the candidate’s Website was in order. Stop the Invasion of Illegals This candidate proposes to […]

History Is Neither Right Nor Left, It Just Is

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. An article in D Magazine this month provides some local history. The parking lots at Fair Park have always been some of the ugliest expanses of concrete around. This article exposes some underlying ugliness. May our children learn our full history and resolve to […]